Funky Pong

“Funky Pong” is a modern take on the classic game of Pong. Developed on the Unity game engine, this game combines retro visuals and sound effects, synthwave music, and unique gameplay mechanics to create a nostalgic yet innovative experience. To achieve a retro aesthetic, I utilized post-processing effects such as bloom to create neon-like visuals, while still using basic shapes as sprites. I also synthesized all the sound effects myself by modulating basic saw, square, and sine waves, to further enhance that nostalgic feel.

You can play Funky Pong by clicking here

In addition to the basic Pong gameplay, I also programmed various features such as AI with different difficulty settings, various powerups, and a “boost” mechanic that allows players to increase the ball’s speed, which also progressively increases with each bounce, adding to the dynamic gameplay. Additionally, the game can be played by two players against each other.

This project served as an opportunity for me to become more familiar with Unity. Since classic Pong does not make use of realistic physics, I had to code the collision logic myself utilizing trigger colliders. To calculate the angle at which the ball reflects off of a slider, the game takes into account the relative position at which the collision takes place.