Harbinger’s Harvest

As part of a six-member team, I had the opportunity to participate in the Ludum Dare 52 game jam and produce “Harbinger’s Harvest”. Utilizing the Unity game engine, we were able to create a 2D bullet-storm shooter within a 72-hour timeframe. This experience not only honed our skills in game development under pressure, but also allowed for seamless collaboration among the team. Through the use of Git and effective task delegation, we were able to effectively bridge the divide between programming, game design, art creation, and music production.

You can play Harbinger’s Harvest by clicking here

Harbinger’s Harvest features a unique twist, as the arena gradually closes in on the player as the world decays, leading to a final boss battle. The game offers a variety of enemies with differing mechanics and attacks, as well as multiple weapon options for the player.

Concept art for the main character

Game features I directly programmed myself include:
– All player movement including including the dash animation effect
– Enemy movement logic and melee attacks
– Weapon recoil and muzzle fire effects
– The minigun getting redder as it heats up
– Logic surrounding big slimes spawning baby slimes
– Player and enemy health, including health bar and death animations
– All damage logic including hurt animation
– Momentum bar that fills up with kill streaks and rewards bonus damage
– Adding sound effects to their respective events

The final boss fight

In addition to expanding my knowledge in Unity and C# development, this project also provided an opportunity for me to become more familiar with animation and audio-related components within the Unity engine. Through hands-on application, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of these tools and how to effectively incorporate them into game development.