Crypt Explorer

“Crypt Explorer” is a game project I created to start getting more used to Unreal Engine. This 3D environment, set in a medieval setting, features a first-person camera controller which allows the player to explore the world around them. While the game does not have a defined winning objective, the player can roam around, interact with objects, and attempt to retrieve a golden statue from the crypt.

Through this project, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of both Unreal Engine’s Blueprint system and C++ programming. While utilizing third-party assets for the meshes and textures, I designed and built the 3D world myself. Using C++ classes, I developed features such as grabbable objects, trigger zones that detect object collisions, and environmental objects that move in response to triggers. This project served as a valuable learning experience and I am excited to continue exploring the capabilities of the Unreal Engine.