Hero’s Venture

“Hero’s Venture” is a work-in-progress single-player top-down pixel RPG that offers a variety of skills for players to level up and unlock higher tiers of items. Inspiration for the game was drawn from the MMORPG RuneScape, with features such as combat, adventure, and quests included.

I’m building the game using the Godot engine, creating all the code and assets myself, including textures, animations, fonts, and UI. As a pixel-perfect game, this project has provided valuable experience in not only programming, but also in creating pixel art and animations.

Player Movement Animations

Fully customizable cut-out animation system supporting any combination of equippable items

Different Skills

The game features an abundance of resources to extract and items to craft using a variety of different skills, each offering its own unique rewards.


Smithing weapons and armour:


Fletching arrows:


Turn-based combat system in which performance is affected by combat skill levels and equipment stats.

3 unique combat styles included: Melee, Archery & Sorcery

Basic Mob AI including roaming, target detection, chasing, and retreating

Item and Inventory Systems

Randomly generated loot from killed mobs

Bank interface system with full support for multiple possible scenarios:
– moving items around
– dealing with both stackable and non-stackable items
– withdrawing and depositing custom amounts
– consistent handling of maximum stack values (100,000 items per stack)

UI Tabs

Skills Tab, Equipment Tab & Inventory