Minecraft Projects

Redstone Calculator

Having been a Minecraft player since even before its official launch, I’ve mastered the use of redstone and command blocks in the game. I went on to build a 24-bit calculator in Minecraft using only redstone logic (redstone provides the most basic NOT and OR logic gate functionality – any other logic gates must be built by making use of just these 2 gates). The calculator can add, subtract, multiply, and divide any two numbers of up to 6 digits each, with the result being maximum 7 digits long.

Showcasing the full size of the calculator

I also learned how to build all the basic logic gates via redstone, including AND, XOR, RS-NOR Latch, D Flip-Flop and T Flip-Flop, and later adders (using XOR and AND gates), subtractors (modified adders using two’s complement), multipliers (mostly using AND gates), and dividers (outputting both result and remainder values), all of which I used in my calculator. Furthermore, I had to involve storing data in memory using RS-NOR Latches and D Flip-Flops, converting data from decimal to binary, and then converting the result value back from binary to binary-coded decimale using the double dabble algorithm.

Performing a multiplication using the calculator

Note Block Songs

Using my knowledge in music theory I’ve re-created numerous songs in Minecraft using the game’s note blocks and redstone. I eventually learned how to make “wireless” songs using command blocks instead of redstone, to spawn note blocks in the a single specified location instead of having a very long sequence of blocks. I proceeded to make a filter (plugin) for a 3rd party map editor called MCEdit, coded in Python, to automate this process.

Other Minecraft Projects

Other Minecraft projects I’ve built using redstone or command block logic include:

A redstone counter with a 7-segment display that continuously counts up via a redstone clock
A Minecraft recreation of the 360o music video for Waiting For Love by Avicii using command block logic
A Minecraft recreation of the docking scene from the movie Interstellar using command blocks